Welcome to where I shout into the void..

Nietzsche once said that it is dangerous to pear too long into the void because the void you stare into also stares into you. I’m not here to stare, I’m here to shout. Maybe this is a good place for you…


  • Question for you
    Anyone know where a guy can commission a drawing? Asking for a friend who writes a blog but has limited drawing skills…..
  • Breeze
    Breeze blows taking leaves From ground and tree equally Bird settles in nest
  • Afternoon
    Breath fogged glasses Mask holds air up to nose What did I eat for lunch?
  • Pain
    Pain in back screaming No clue from whence it has come I am not this old
  • Cracked screen
    Fractures can cause Beauty of pain depending On how one observes

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