I feel the need, perhaps because I see so many others do this and I am a follower at heart, to welcome all the new followers of my blog. I appreciate you stopping by and choosing to follow me along whatever journey this blog ends up being. I am amazed at the locations some of my viewers live in and am hoping this is a sign of humanity looking for the similarities instead of the differences. Like John Lennon once said, I imagine such a world.

I see I now have nine followers but as one of those followers is actually me, I have eight. I’m not sure if my following my own blog is a throwback the the MySpace days where every new account had one friend (Tom I think was his name) so none thinks they have nothing anyone wants to hear, or if I did something wrong setting my blog up. I am still struggling with the running of this blog but I like to think that is a result of my limited time I have available to dedicate to it and not because I have finally become so old that I can no longer adapt to new technology.

Yeah definitely not old.

Anyway if you’re new welcome aboard. Please make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in the fully upright position for takeoffs and landings but otherwise feel free to move about the cabin at your leisure.

If you have been here a while, my first follower I am looking at you (not sure the protocol on specifically calling out people by name, but you know who you are) thank you for coming on board early and checking back in often.

I appreciate every one of you and promise to try not to let my sudden fame go to my head. I make no promises mind you, but I will try…..

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