And so it happens again

As is my usual style I have found myself neglecting my blog entries as I pursue other writing projects. I could brag and boast of the complexities and many different pulls on a clinical psychologist’s time and attention but let me be honest and say I am a bet obsessive in my writing schedule. As a new project comes along or a direction becomes clearer, I tend to focus on only that one project. Maybe it says something about me but that is just the way my mind works and as you may have noticed by reading my other posts, I am a firm believer in being, as well as choosing, who one is.

I do want to take a moment to welcome my many new subscribers. Welcome to my page(?) my space (?) my blog I suppose it is. Welcome welcome welcome.

When I started this blog (well restarted but let’s not get technical) I really had no clear ideas as to what I wanted to accomplish nor did I have any real expectations. I only knew that I was writing again and in greater quantities than I really knew what to do with. Yes I am that blogger cliche who wrote a book and maybe someday you will see my work outside of this blog place.

And no I did not start this blog to make money by hocking my book or anything else. I have great respect for those who do and wish them all the best of possible luck, but I was more interested perhaps academically, if anyone actually would want to read something I wrote outside of those poor fools who have taken my classes over the years and have no choice. I could also lump my student psychologists in that group as well.

I started this blog in January mainly to answer a question, would anyone really read something I wrote. Assuming those of you who subscribe to this blog have actually read what I am writing, I believe the answer to tiny question is a resounding yes.

For that I am eternally grateful.

Don’t think I didn’t notice you all seem to like my haikus more than my psychological stuff but the fact that you did has lead me to a rather interesting writing project which not only has lit the fires of curiosity and passion in my soul again but has also been the reason I have not posted more in this place.

I will post more about my project, an academic article, and if that is received well (or anyone wants to know I suppose) I will post about my process getting that article published. The process is not all that much different than publishing anything else though when one is unattached to an academic institution, as I currently find myself, publishing an academic article can be a bit more of a challenge.

A challenge but not an impossibility.

I have also written, or begun writing some other pieces which I will polish up and post here soon. At least I hope to make it soon.

Know that I see every like, respond to every comment, and I truly appreciate all of my followers/subscribers very much.

I hope you enjoy reading this stuff as much as I enjoy writing it. And please don’t be afraid to pick up electric pen and make a comment, post a question, or challenge an idea. We are a blogger family you and I. we should be able to debate with a cool tongue and an even mind when necessary.

This world would be such a better place if more people would speak to each other instead of accusing or yelling at each other.

Thank you all again and again for taking the time to read/like/comment/subscribe to my little corner of the blogosphere.

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