Thank you all

I find myself once again in a strange place. My little blog, I was so hesitant to even begin (maybe I should write a piece about the Inferiority Complex? Complexes in general?) has been getting noticed more and more.

For that, my humble audience I am eternally grateful.

I have 38 followers now, which I believe is 10 or so more than the last post such as this I posted, which is really amazing. For many reasons.

I have written poetry and short stories for most of my life but I very rarely show them to anyone, let alone publicly publish them. As I stated in my introductory piece, I struggled with starting this blog for many years for all of the same reasons I never showed anyone my journals with my poems in them.

Something in my changed this year and I decided to take the leap. Not because I finally decided my poetry was good enough but because I wanted to share a little of my psychological knowledge. Somehow in that process I was guided by an unconscious hand to start posting of all things the Haikus I come up with on a rather regular basis.

and at the risk of sounding overly ego-inflated, you all really seem to like them. A fact which amazes me every day.

From my heart I appreciate all of you.

I also read what you all post and wow there are some talented people out there in what they used to call the blogosphere!

So with hat in hand I humble thank each and every one of you for taking the time out of your lives to read what I have to say. I hope my poems entertain you, maybe make them smile, and I hope what little I have yet posted about how we humans work (psychologically speaking of course) is helpful to you in some way.

I also have a request, please do not stop writing and posting here. I find your humor, your art, and your words of wisdom wonderfully inspirational and enjoy reading them very much!

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