Today I awoke to a new, or perhaps renewed, awareness to my suffering. Like everybody I have things and issues in my life which are not going the way I would like or expected them to go. These are sources of suffering. There are many other sources of suffering as well but in the end they all should be handled in much the same way.

Suffering, like any emotion, must be processed to be resolved and ultimately put down. To ignore this need is to agree to carry your suffering around with you forever, adding to your load the additional suffering carrying heavy loads bring (the physical pain, the exhaustion) as well as all the additional suffering which one is presented to throughout life. Little by little your load of suffering increases in weight until it is too much to carry and it crushes you.

Instead of turning away from your suffering or using your suffering as a weapon to hurt others and thereby increase their suffering, I suggest you directly address (face) you suffering and nurture it as you would a small child or baby. This suffering is not just yours, it is you, and do you not deserve to be nurtured? To be cared for? To be loved?

As you become aware of your suffering do not turn away and seek to ignore it, address it directly with love as you wish to be addressed.

I see you, my suffering.

I acknowledge you, my suffering.

I embrace you, my suffering.

I am grateful for you, my suffering.

Because of you, I know I am still alive.

Because of you, I know I have much left to do with, and in, this life.

I love you, my suffering.

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