The problem with learning curves

I believe it was Confucius who stated that no person becomes a master without first becoming a fool. I use this quote with patients a lot in session, especially when they are complains about how hard it is to heal themselves. I remind them they are learning a new skill and that nothing is learned by simply wanting to desiring to do so. Unfortunately practice and patience is required. This is the way that all of my patients, indeed all people, have learned everything. All talent gives you is a slight head start in the practicing process. Everyone must practice, with patience, and when the expected falling short occurs I always recommend an attitude of loving support. As you would a child learning to tie his or her shoes. You wouldn’t call the three year old names when they fail to tie their shoes, would you? Yet you call yourself names when you fail to forgive (yourself or others) or recognize an emotional state as being necessary, yet those may be skills you are just now, like the three year old, learning to do.

That being said I wrote what I thought was a rather good post last night and somehow clicked the wrong click and well let’s just say that post is no longer a part of this reality. I was less than patient and loving with myself or WordPress. I may even have attempted to blame my laptop for making such an egregious mistake. It would seem I not only have successfully become a fool but I have gathered another example to use both in session and now here.

Yay learning…..

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