The problem with this blog

As I believe I mentioned in an earlier post, I came up with the idea of this blog in the before time of 2019. I wrote a lot over the 2020-2021 time period and then cooled my blowing writing down in 2022 so I could work on another project. While I’m sure I will discuss that project at some point, I don’t see a reason to do so now.

As I reacquainted myself with WordPress over the past couple of weeks and try to adapt my writing to this platform I quickly discovered the copy and past function as well as the upload function have been removed from. Maybe I am wrong about that and one of the 12 people who are actually reading these posts thus far will find it in their heart to deflower my comments section and give a newbie a tip or two. you could start with why does this text editor capitalize the word “I” when I neglect to but not the first letter of a new sentence? Maybe not. Again time will tell I suppose.

My point here is this; I have a lot of “blog posts” I have already written, none of which can be posted here with the speed or ease I was hoping for. I find myself picking through the material I have and trying to figure out if I have the time to essentially rewrite it by transcribing them to this blog. While this may not represent the largest time constraint on my life I do find myself brushing up against some shadow material here in that I don’t think I should have to write an article twice.

Speaking of shadow material, I wrote a piece I am quite proud of about the Shadow and that is one of the articles I need to rewrite for this platform. The Shadow, like many of the Jungian constructs which have made their way into the common tongue today, is very much misunderstood. Also as I believe I mentioned before, I envision this blog as a sort of explainer of sorts for psychological constructs and ideas which I see on a daily basis in my practice.

What is my point with this post, you may be wondering. What is my point?

My point is this, or are these: I am working through a fair amount of materials which must be not only rewritten onto this platform, they also need to be adapted to this platform. Much of what I write is north of 5000 words and the internet teaching I have done states that unless one is a really captivating writer, 5000 words is just too long. While I do believe I am a pretty good writer and part of my reason for starting this blog is to see if anyone actually wants to read what I write (again much thanks to the 12 of you) I don’t know that I am that good. Some downsizing or chapterizing is going to have to be in order. What is a good size for one of these posts? About 1000 words seems to be what the internet says. Given I have no idea and assuming no one suggests a length of a different amount, I suppose I will shoot for that.

My last point (as I have no idea how long this is but it seems to be getting lengthy) is my original idea was to write some smaller posts which sort of act like a foundation of knowledge for some of the other things I want to talk about. The posts I have made thus far would fall in that category. A category which I have named “fluff” because it seems it should have a name and this one made me smile. The other category would be more of what I consider to be the meat of the matter and will probably end up being several multipart pieces as I have no idea if or how to condense something as complex as social interactions and romantic partner selection into 1000 words or less.

I will strive to limit my ranting in this blog, but I make no promises on that count as my next piece may indicate I have opinions on things and I intend to share them, hopefully with more basis and background than a simple complaint. although I do like to complain and I have a lot of respect for a well worded rant. They are, as the critic from Ratatouille will tell you, “fun to write and to read.” That being said I do want to limit that sort of thing here.

without further ado, on to the background or base concepts. by all means, onto the fluff…..

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