Digital, art?

So I was inspired by some of you to try my hand at some AI art. Being the scientist type that I am, I did a bit of research first, to see which program was easy to use and powerful enough to be at least entertaining. As always I wasn’t really sure if I would share anything with anyone but I read somewhere that one way of boosting one’s blog audience (I know I just posted about how grateful I am that all of you bother to look at my blog and now I’m looking for ways to increase your numbers) is to add applicable art to you posts. This is a real problem for me as I have very little, if any, real skills when it comes to drawing, but I figured I am a professional communicator. Surely I can get the right kind of description into an AI thing to generate something at least similar to what I have in my mind’s eye, right?

Behold I give you the first images worth sharing. Obviously I am still learning and recall an earlier post where I quoted Confucius, “No man becomes a master, who first does not become a fool.” I think I have the fool part down…..

I really don’t have words for this bit of randomness
Shine on, you crazy diamond
Wizard in a cave

Any help any of you can provide as far as prompts (that’s what they call the stuff you type in) would be greatly appreciated. Oh and I forgot to mention is settled on DALL-E2 as my AI engine but I am not married to the program, so if you have a recommendation that too will be appreciated.

3 responses to “Digital, art?”

    • I figure it is only a matter of time before I misspell something and that aught to generate some interesting art. I have had some success by creating variations and deleting the wonkier parts of animate and reprompting them, but I don’t believe I am even up to the level of noobie yet….

      Thank you for commenting gipsi. I appreciate your taking the time to do so.

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      • I like your crazy diamond and wizard, and the untitled one is amusing. I’m getting used to the surprises rather than expecting it to do what I envisage… and I agree adding visual content to a blog is an aspect worth considering.

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