More from the digital palette

I have discovered making pictures with AI is more than a bit addicting. So if you are thinking about dabbling you have been warned.

That being said I have read a few things about prompts and experimented a bit with the editing features. This allows you to erase parts of your picture which are not to your liking and the with or without additional prompts the computer with redraw the bits you erased.

Fair warning number two multiple uses of the editing feature can be required and depending on which AI program you are using there ain’t no free lunch with these “renders.” So keep that in mind as you, like me, submit edit after edit to perfect your pictures.

Fair warning number three, you will invariably get some pretty weird things back from the computer because unlike a real artist there is no good way to get a computer to infer your meaning. the machine is literally guessing at what you mean and that is what is going to not only keep those actual artist out there employed but, as I have discovered, this issue has created an entirely new employment opportunity–the prompt engineer…..

anyway here’s some of my latests…..

what can I say I’m on a wizard kick

told you, wizard kick…if I could get the machine to understand what I meant by alchemist things might be different

trying my hand a Norman Rockwell paintings

This is a steampunk time machine for the uninitiated

Trying to get my wizard and castle ruins things going but that castle doesn’t seem too ruined to me

like I said weirdness. I typed “with atomic mushroom cloud in the background” got both the previous picture and this masterpiece

I said nothing about the gender expression of the explorer but this is the only female appearing version that came out. I guess when misogynistic people program computers and then tell that computer to go out and look at all the art ever created (which happened to have been created by misogynistic artists throughout time) you get misogynistic digital renditions. or maybe male centered would be more PC?

and check out that super awesome “mushroom cloud” in the background….

Whatever, go create some art. To paraphrase my favorite cooking show from the long ago time; If I can do this, so can you

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