More on how I write

I find myself nearing the writing part of my most recent research project. Well one of them anyway. As lengthy and sometimes difficult as the research part can be, it invariably comes to an end and I am left with the synthesis of information part (which I find highly enjoyable) and the writing this all down part (which is complicated).

Truth be told I haven’t written anything for publication in a lot of years. I had other priorities to focus on and I still believe solidly in my dedication to do so. That does mean I am more than a bit out of practice in writing, cue my decision to start this blog. While it may be true that you never forget how to ride a bicycle, it is equally true you will not simply jump on a bicycle after a period of years and take off with the same confidence you had prior to your break.

I don’t mean this piece to be more than an answer to the question of where’d the haikus go but in a way maybe this piece could be a bit more.

I just read a post by (A Writer’s Path–Procrastination: how to stay motivated in your writing task) about how to overcome procrastination in writing and while this is not intended to be an addition to that well written piece, I suppose it could be.

Having had a ten year gap between publications (I know, gasp!) I was at a bit of a loss as to how to go about getting the old whammy back. I decided to start this blog for all of the reasons I discussed in my introduction piece but for another heretofore kept secret reason as well. I need a place where I can practice writing longer and at the risk of sounding egotistical, deeper pieces than any of my journals. I never stopped writing, I just stopped writing with the intention of ever allowing anyone to read what I had written. Having now not only the time but the inclination to write more meaningfully and for publication I find I need sone practice.

My plan is simple, I will continue to post original poetry and AI art regularly partly because I enjoy the process so much but also in part because the validation of your likes and comments keeps the fire at the alter of dedication to writing burning.

I will also continue to post longer pieces, such as my most recent on grief which I am hoping will be as well received as the poetry but more so because I am hoping you all will read, comment, debate, I don’t know may even argue about the subject matter. As hard as criticism can be to process using such words in constructive ways can be remarkably productive at the old typewriter. Also it can help one to write more clearly and make ones conclusions more obvious, which in clinical writing is really important.

I will be posting this piece later today, as I need to gather the reference to the post I mentioned, and I will be typing up my next longer post tentatively titled The Problem of AI and Consciousness tonight. I find myself liking typing these posts on my phone less and less so the longer pieces must wait for me to have my laptop with me….

As always, thank you for your reading and commenting and supporting my writing with your eyeballs.

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